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RENTAL CONTRACT:                                                                               
1. No smoking aboard the bus. Violation will result in a $100 fine per incident. No exceptions.
2. There will be an additional $200 cleaning surcharge for vomiting incidents.
3. Persons who are unruly, disruptive, conduct illegal activities, throw items or put body parts out of the bus windows will have their event terminated and no refunds will be issued.
4. We are not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen property.
5. All damage occurred during your event will require a damage fee.  Damage fees will be incurred for broken items and/or excessive cleaning (i.e upholstery cleaning).   Your card on file will be charged the replacement fee. Should the customer request to be stopped in a hazardous neighborhood and damage is caused to the exterior of the bus the card on file will be charged for damage sustained.  We will attempt to contact you prior to charging your card  on file.
6. The bus is not responsible for delays caused by weather, traffic conditions, mechanical problems, automobile accidents, delayed sporting events, or other acts of God.  Customer agrees that replacement transportation may be substituted in the event of any major mechanical issues or party bus involved in an accident, etc.

Contract Obligations: I understand and agree to the length and usage along with any charges and further agree to pay for any and all damages my party may cause during the event period. I also agree to Roadrunners Charter Rules and Regulations. All damages are the sole discretion of the driver. I understand and agree to pay the entire contract price if cancellation policy is not followed. I understand that the bus can hold up to 14 passengers.  I understand that by signing this contract, I’m agreeing to all the rules and terms of the contract and authorizing Roadrunners Charter to charge my credit card for the agreed contract price.

Renter Agreement
I hereby confirm that I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions of Roadrunnerscharter.

Renter’s Signature: ____________________________________________
Date: ________________


You may print the above and have signed for rental date.

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